Thursday, December 4, 2008

9 year old Casanova!

This video is almost 6 minutes but if you have time you have to watch this kid! But even better watch Meredith. She is almost taken back by him because he is so incredibly charming. I think I might be a little smitten with him!


jennifer said...

How cute! Dating advice from someone who sees relationships that last the entire span of recess! He is a cutie. Are you gonna get that book for Tuck? LOL

Bloggymommy said...

That boy is like, um, too cute! But if he like, um, stopped saying "like" and "um" every other word he'd be like, um, cuter! lol

No, seriously, he is adorable! I think he'll be the next George Cloony! I wish all men would read his book! They might be able to grab some extra points from women AND their moms!

Susan said...

ThaT is too cute. Interesting to see how a 9yr old boy relates to girls. I wonder what he will think of the book when he is in his twenty's lol.