Friday, June 5, 2009

And the Neighbor Verdict is In.

I'm getting new neighbors. Well, I guess technically I HAVE new neighbors but we'll come back to that.

After three nail biting weeks, the neighbors closed their house. The new folks finally got financing worked out and the deal closed on Tuesday. Neighbors had a parade of trucks here on Wednesday moving everything out and this afternoon the truck pulled in with all the new neighbors' stuff.

I briefly met him when I offered our driveway for parking if he had more helpers coming but didn't really speak for long.

Here's why I say they are here technically. They are getting married...Tomorrow.

All the ladies reading just gasped in horror. That's right darlings. The new neighbor-ette is putting the finishing touches on her wedding while her groom tries to move all their things into their new house which they won't really be in for another week or so while they are honeymooning. They have rehersal tonight, wedding tomorrow, honeymoon for a week and then they get to move in.

I have been digging very deep to find and upside to this for her and this is the best I can come up with. At least this way when she opens her wedding presents, she doesn't have to "find" a place for them. She can just put them away with everything else. That's about the only plus to this I can find.

I of course have already started planning the grill out that will happen once they get settled. I'm thinking we could just jump right in and initiate them with all the summer favorites but if I give it to them all at once, what will I have for the rest of the summer? I guess I have a few weeks to figure it out.

Here's to new neighbors - if I HAVE to have them.
On a side note. My neighbors (the old ones) made me take a picture of them sayig farewell to their house. Could they be more cruel? I think we all got a little teary but that's what happens when you make good friends.

Thank goodness they are only moving half an hour away!