Friday, October 10, 2008

What if "Pay it Forward" really happened?

Would you participate?

Would you go out of your way to do something incredible for another person?

Would you be ok with getting nothing in return?

Would you be okay with not knowing if it even worked in the first place?

I've been watching the news for the first time in 5 years. Everyday I hear more about the economy. More about people losing their homes. More about the demise of the environment. More crime. More cruelty to animals and children. More misery everywhere.

Then suddenly it will pop up. Someone paid for the dry cleaning, coffee, McDonald's for the person behind them. And it will go on for hours at a time. But then it stops. Someone thinks only of themselves and breaks the chain.

What if we all did something that only involved our time? What if money was taken out of the equation? What if we just baked something for a home bound neighbor and went for a visit? What if we just held the door for the mom with the stroller? What if we went to visit at the hospital? What if we just gave blood?

What if we only asked that it be paid forward?

Is it even possible? Is there enough kindness left in humanity to make even the slightest difference?

I believe that there is. I believe that in these troubled times there are plenty of people to love and be kind to. I believe that there are people who can put themselves aside and think of others.

I wonder if you will.


Jennifer said...

It really doesn't take much. Like the other day when I had to go to the bank and they were acting all goofy and it made me smile. When I left this lady was coming in and she looked about how I have been feeling lately - worn down. I smiled at her and her whole face brightened up. It made me feel better than I had all day - just from one smile.

Haasiegirl said...

Yes, i pay it forward anytime i get the chance.


Tena said...

we try to pay it forward as much as possible. It doesn't take much to make one person's day, just have to go out and do it! One act of random kindness, that is all it takes! Great post!!

Ronnica said...

I'm not sure I have that much faith in humanity, but I do believe that with God designed this world perfectly and we muddied it up. I do seek to serve others' interest above my own, but it's HARD. I'm selfish, but I shouldn't be.

Jyll sent me over. I'm a SITSta of hers. You should join us!

Em Dy said...

I think I would pay it forward but probably NOT as incredible as some have done. But I believe that we can pay it forward too with small acts of kindness. Like giving directions or walking with the persons who are lost to their destinations, etc.

On The Verge said...