Friday, July 31, 2009

My take on the Crowley-Gates Fiasco.

I've resisted commenting on this news story because it's very tender and sensitive and I don't do that very well. I worry about offending people and tend to back off of my true opinion in an attempt to avoid confrontation and drama. But I think I need to share my warped little perspective on this.

First things first. I have to guess that the questions weren't submitted to the press secretary before the press conference. It was just dumb luck that the President called on Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times with three minutes of air time left. But even so, don't you think the very intelligent people that our President has around him thought to prepare for this question? Yes, the press conference was intended to discuss the healthcare issue but come on! Such meat as this for media and you think they are going to blow right past asking Obama about it? Didn't you put any talking points together for him ahead of time just in case? You're fired!

Secondly, Mr. President, you are the most powerful man in our nation and you are garnering a lot of respect from around the world. You don't HAVE to give your opinion on every issue. A simple, "I think we'll leave that up to the fine folks in Cambridge to sort out" would have been sufficient.

And now finally. beer in the Rose Garden. I'm pretty sure Mrs. Wilson would not be giddy about her garden being used for a boys poker night but then again you drew the line at the pretzels and brewskies.

Please tell me that we are finally done with this. The charges have been dropped; the gentlemen agreed to disagree on whatever the initial issue was; and Joe Biden stuck to non alcoholic drinks at the poker game. I think we're safe to move on now. Oh and Lynn, next time you do your homework, please try not to pick such a shiny object. We Americans are easily distracted from the real issues at hand - especially when they twinkle.

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