Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Playing Catch up - Good Try Fans!

I know what you were trying to do. You almost succeeded too. But I am strong.

You tried very hard to draw me out of my bloggy vacation by providing ridiculous amounts of absurd news stories for me to comment on and rail about. You almost got me with Michael. I was teetering on the brink of breaking blog silence to rant and rave but I kept it together. I had to turn the TV off for 3 weeks but I resisted the urge.

Well no more!! Bloggy silence has been broken so here it comes!

Well done in commemorating his musical legacy and life. I did not watch the memorial in its entirety but I did catch the highlights on the news several million times. Very well done.

Now let go.

Seriously! I do not need to know every detail of the will. I don't need to know when his mother sneezes in court while trying to sort out the custody issues. I don't want to hear about the TP that fell off the doctor's administrative assistant's foot while she was getting boxes out of the storage area. I hope for his children's sake there is enough to cover his debts and still leave them something to provide for their care and future but quite honestly that's up to his family and his estate. I don't need to hear about it!

He was a man. He could have died at 50, 72, or 96 by natural or unnatural causes but he was going to die and I think with his history we all knew there wasn't going to be anything too terribly natural about it. But he was going to die either way. There is absolutely no reason for the media and the nation to turn itself inside out like this for A MAN.

Four other celebrities have died. Ed McMahon, Farrah Fawcett, Billy Mays, and Walter Cronkite are no longer on the planet. I haven't heard the first thing about their estates, autopsies or final arrangements. They each got a 15 minute tribute on the Today Show and CNN and it was done. I was barely around for Elvis and John Lennon so someone needs to weigh in and let me know if this same circus took place for their demise. I'll retract the whole thing if someone can demonstrate for me that it's a musician thing.

Until then, I'm over it.

But I have a nagging question (and I'll probably revisit it tomorrow). Wouldn't the investigation into any shady circumstances go a little better if the media wasn't reporting every move the investigators made? I mean when my children have a look out in position they can hide all manner of evidence of wrong doing and they are only 5, 4, and 2. How much stuff do you suppose the medical staff has been able to hide when the media is giving them a perpetual heads up on every aspect of the investigation?

Enough is enough. Let the investigators handle the circumstances. Let the family handle the estate. And move on to more important news stories. Like how contagious are VP and Pres gaffes in the media and press conferences?!


Fer said...

I think there must be some formula for how long public mourning lasts. It has to somehow take into account age, popularity, and how scandalous their death was. Farah was older, past her prime fame-wise, and cancer just isn't very exciting. But the King of Pop dying of a drug overdose? Yeah, they'll feed off of that for a LONG time. Remember when Heath Ledger died? That was pretty nutty, but of course, he was young and hot and it was sudden. I don't know how nutty it was when Elvis died, but look how many people still make the journey to Graceland to commemorate his death every year... People are just whacko over celebrities.

Sissy said...

Gawd, I love you!