Wednesday, July 28, 2010

And my Beliefs are Justified

I do not believe in garage and yard sales.  I don't have them; I don't frequent them.  I don't see the point of moving my stuff around the neighborhood or moving my neighbor's stuff into my house.  I'm sure I'm wrong and that there are probably plenty of things at other homes that I could use.  Like those mason jars I've been stalking the entire metro area for...anyway...

A few weeks ago there was a story about a LeBron pendant that a lady found at a flea market and bought for $5.  Then she had it appraised and found out that it was worth $10,000.  And when the news hit the LeBron camp, they started bullying her until they could got it back and now it's all tied up in legalities.

Yesterday the news hit that a fellow used $45 to pick up a collection of glass negatives that are believed to be part of Ansel Adams early work.  Now the family is disputing that they are authentic and again we have legal issues surrounding a garage sale find. 

I just don't see how a "great find" at a garage sale is panning out for these people.  Sure, they found something that may or may not have great value, but by the time they wade through all this legal nonsense, will they really have anything to show for it?

The way I see it, garage/yard sales are really just a way for folks to get money for their unwanted stuff and turn your life into one big legal struggle to find value in that same stuff.

So I stand by my conclusion - garage sales are a big pain in the tuckus.  But if you have some Mason jars?  Call me!
Or Not!

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Jennifer said...

I've never been into garage sales either. I'm sure it's a great way to find used clothes for kids or possibly some used furniture, but the rest of the crap out there is usually just crap. I don't see myself having one - I will just go donate the stuff to Goodwill.