Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eureka! The Mother Lode!

If you follow the Zoo you may remember that my two older exhibits went back to school last week. Sweet bliss! Blessed quietness. Ahhhhhhhhh.


Lost myself for a minute.

It was very entertaining last week to watch the interactions between our local law enforcement officials and the commuters of our community. Namely how quickly the officers were racking up and how light the commuter pockets were getting.

It's back to school season folks. How could you ignore the bright yellow flashing lights that have been inactive all summer warning you that you are entering a school zone? How could you not realize that the two slight curves on either side of the school provide the perfect zone for motorcycle mounted police to set up shop?

I promise there is no poetic license here. I sat in the carpool lane both morning and afternoon all week and watched at least 2 people a day get their fan mail from our local municipality. On Monday (the first day of school), I saw four! Ready to do some math?

The initial fine for speeding in a school zone is $215. Then you add $5 for every mile over the limit you were when you were caught. Now most of the people who were caught were right around 40 mph (I'm guessing from watching their cars - could have been higher or lower). But here we go.

$215 + (5 x 15) = $290!

Now figure that I saw at least twelve people get pulled over. If they all got tickets (versus warnings)? Our local municipality made roughly $3600 last week alone!

So here's the deal people. Slow down! Tis the season for children to be on the streets, school buses to hold up traffic, and cops to make their quotas. Be smart about it and maybe you can save some change AND lives.

All else fails, perhaps you can avoid this!


Jennifer said...

I know that no one obeys those signs near Liv's school. It's a major road in town, plus there is another school across the street, PLUS Walmart. I'll have a panic attack by the end of the week, I'm sure.

Sissy said...

Here too! They are mot messing around with that school zone crap!

Amanda said...

I never understood why people speed through the school zones. They're huge revenue makers for towns as far as I've seen. You'd think people would learn.