Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Going Green takes a LOT of Energy!

Did I mention that I think while I mop too?

Here's the deal. I want to be a responsible Earth citizen - I really do!! But it sure takes a lot of work! For example...

Recycling. Recycling takes concentration. What goes in the trash can and what goes in the recycling box? And speaking of my recycling box...I think it moved out due to lack of use. I can't find it anywhere. Yes, I could call WM and request a new one but that makes too much sense and then I would feel obligated to use it. That means I have to concentrate on trash sorting and I can barely concentrate in the shower.

Natural Resource Conservation. In particular, saving the trees and water. It's very difficult to call yourself a green household when one member insists on sending a small sapling down the toilet all at once at least 3 times a week. Did I mention that when the sapling goes down the water comes up? The water on my bathroom floor is enough to water half the county for a month. So much for conservation.

Green Cleaning Products. Yes, I'm sure they clean just as well as the traditional stuff. I'm sure there are vinegar concentrations to clean everything in your house. But I just need my lemon scent! I need to watch the toilet water turn blue and then green when someone forgets I was in the middle of cleaning the bathroom. Cleaning isn't my favorite thing anyway so why would you rob me of the little joys it affords me?

Have I taken any steps? Absolutely! We replaced the light bulbs with the CFL (or what ever they're called) but now we find out that if we don't move out of this house in the next 5 years (when they burn out) we will be responsible for finding the safe way to dispose of them.

We use the reusable grocery bags. But I have to confess that's more to give certain someone's something to keep their hands busy instead of filling the grocery cart with random unwanted pepperoni and macaroni. The fact that they benefit the planet is really just a side benefit for me.

And I tried resetting the thermostat to a higher level for the summer. But then Captain Inferno found out and started dropping it again. For the sake of the antique air conditioner I thought it was better to let him have his way. But then again that hot tub on the back porch that we get in about 8 times a year is probably undoing all of my efforts anyway.

About the only thing I can do to be really successful at the whole green thing is get these kids through potty training so I'm not contributing any more disposable diapers. But then again, isn't my water consumption going to go up from cleaning up all the accidents and doing extra laundry?

I want to be green! I really do! But Kermit was right. It ain't easy being green!

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Bethany said...

Sad to say no green going on here. But I do like the idea of the reuseable shopping bags. I shall get some for the gang, then maybe we won't get banned from stores.