Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I can't go to the grocery store alone.

I mean I can physically go alone (I live for it actually!) but I shouldn't be allowed too much time in the grocery store alone. Aside from the people watching, which is an art form in itself, there's just too much to see in the grocery store. I had to get 2 prescriptions filled today and decided since Publix was going to fill one of them for free I would get them filled there.

So I dropped off my scripts and decided to kill 20 minutes in the magazine aisle. Holy Cow!! This was a blogger's dream! Have you ever REALLY looked at the magazine rack in the grocery store?

Crawl. I thought it would be a baby magazine? Nope. All about off roading. Huh?

Seed. Gardening magazine? Nope. Science. Small connection there but that doesn't explain the robot on the cover.

Ode. The magazine for intelligent optimists. No kidding. That's their tag line. Is there a mag for stupid pessimists too?

Psychology Today was on the stand right beside Gospel Today. I just found that quirky.

But the piece de resistance? And this is a real magazine! Garden & Gun. Tag line? Soul of the New South.

Boy am I proud to live south of the Mason Dixon! Are you kidding me? There's a magazine about gardening and guns?! I didn't believe it and I couldn't bring myself to remove it from the rack so I came home and Googled it. In scanning it online, it actually looks like a magazine I would find interesting!

I'd stay and share more thoughts on the grocery store (why is there even a market for generic bottled water?) but apparently I need to go clean my 12 gauge and wash my garden gloves.


Bethany said...

LOL... maybe the guns are used to shoot the bunny rabbits who eat up the gardens.

Jennifer said...

I'm so in for the stupid pessimist mag. I'm adding that to my To Do list with the screenplay.

Ragmansdaughter said...

Nah! You use the dog to keep the bunnies out of the garden, and the gun on the crows, or instead of an alarm clock on Sunday mornings. Your choice.