Thursday, April 16, 2009

Show me the Funny: Help Me Edition!

Help! I haven't seen any good funnies all week. I need humor and I need it fast. My mood is getting darker by the minute and there is no telling what I might do if I'm pushed too far.

So GO! Go into the blogosphere and bring me back some humor. The survival of the Bowl depends on you! If you Twitter tweet this out. If you Facebook put me on your links. If you stand on a street corner dressed as a cell phone, cow or toasted sandwich wave my link around like mad. Can't say I'll pay you because that would be lying and I'm not a Big Fat Liar (most days). But you will maybe draw me out of my funk and then I'll be able to poke fun at other people and nonsense and stuff.

In the meantime look at the loony I have to live with. And go! Go get me my funny!



Ragmansdaughter said...

Hey I sent you some milk out of your nose funnies just last night! I know that they were milk out of the nose funnies because that is what happened when I read them.

Ragmansdaughter said...

By the way, a little comment on the link I just posted. We can't take our "Marmaduke" off our taxes either. Doesn't seem right given we spend almost as much as we would for a kid on him. (And yes he is spoiled.)

Amy said...


I really do not have anything funny today. Have a great day.