Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Two Cents Tuesday: A Good Crown and Good Drama

Tu Tu is only hosting Two Cents Tuesday on the first Tuesday of the month now but I couldn't resist my own little day today. I've been biting my tongue since I saw the video on my pal Nicolle's site yesterday (a few days late I know) but the firestorm is growing so I'll fan it a little.

Perez Hilton (what a way to start a post, huh?) was a judge for the Miss USA pageant this past weekend. Love him or hate him he's around because he's good drama. And he did his best work this past weekend. He asked "THE" question regarding the legalization of homosexual marriage of Miss California. She gave her answer based on her principles and her opinion - which by the way is what he asked - her opinion. A question that begins with "Do you think..." solicits an individual's opinion.

Now given the recent outcome of last year's election, don't you think he had a point in asking California? After Prop 9 and the backlash against Reverend Warren for supporting Prop 9 and all the media coverage that the issue got, I suggest that California was a target. Perez could have asked Vermont the same question but he didn't. He could have asked any one of the other 49 states but he fired it at California.

On top of that, don't you suppose maybe he might have had a clue what her opinion was? He was a judge. He's a media man. He's into publicity, drama and making waves. I would be willing to bet that he knew in advance what her opinion was and since she IS California used it to really fire things up.

Another point. Aren't the judges supposed to use the question and answer time to score based on poise, presentation and over all demeanor? Should her opinion have been held against her? Yes, she bobbled her answer a little but the way this is unfolding, it looks like it was her actual answer that cost her, not her carriage. So she doesn't support a cause held dear by a segment of the nation. If she had come out supporting homosexual marriage she would have alienated the other side.

Everyone is saying that she should have taken a more diplomatic path and skirted the issue altogether with a "let's leave it to the individuals of the states to decide." I say that was the coward's way out. It's that kind of pandering and waffling that has lead this country into a gray abyss of indecision. There is no moral standard anymore because it's all about not offending. It's all about everyone being what they want to be and no one can speak for or against because they will alienate, offend or hurt someone's feelings. No one will take a stand on a principle.

I applaud California, not just because I agree with her, but because she took a stand on national television. In all of her interviews since she has said that she would do it all over again and she is proud and comfortable with her decision. She hopes to lead people to take a stand.

But that's just my Two Cents! Weigh in. This inquiring mind wants to know. If you want to read the whole story (ABC's version) you can catch up here and get back to me.


Jenera said...

I think it is all so ridiculous that she is being bashed for stating her opinion simply because it is not politically correct. It is sickening that he resorted to name calling because he was 'offended'. I visit his site frequently and while I don't care that he is gay, I do not like how he makes everything about being gay and being oppressed. I think this was a big play to stir things up.

I commend her for standing up for what she believes and not cowering in such a public forum. The fact that she knew it could cost her the crown and she did it anyway demands respect.

Yasmine said...

what bugs me is that perez blogged/vlogged about in a very immature manner- calling her a lot of names. It IS her opinion, HE asked her the question, if she should have been prepared for that question, shouldnt he have been prepared for that answer?

I love taht she was honest.

Ragmansdaughter said...

Isn't she what Miss America is supposed to stand for? She exercised her right to voice an opinion in an enviroment that turned out to be very hostile to that opinion. When Sam Adams first started calling for a break with England, he was not a very popular man. He was messing with the comfort zones of people. I just have two things to say for Miss California. YOU GO GIRL! and I GOT YOUR BACK!

Sarah said...

Ahhh, but B she was painted in exactly the opposite light. She could not be Miss USA because she would alienate too many people with her conservative views. The argument was that she is meant to represent the WHOLE nation; not just the conservatives.

Fer said...

To be honest, I only have a vague idea what you are talking about because I have succeeded in keeping my head in the sand the past few days (and hubby watching MASH instead of Hannity has helped immensely!). But it's very un-PC to be conservative and you will be bashed for it. It doesn't make much sense to me. People scream for tolerance but then are intolerant themselves if someone opposes their views. If people don't agree with me, that's fine... I don't expect them to. But I hope we can be adult enough to disagree in a civil manner and not resort to name-calling.