Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Show me the Funny: In Pictures and Video!

I think I have spent the better part of this week laughing until I had tears rolling down my face. There are some completely hysterical videos and pictures out there this week. From spiders to speech impediments and from hairdos to barstools. Thank you a million times over for making me laugh this week gang!

If you think you can hang with these rock stars go ahead and snag the button, blog/vlog your funny and link away!

So Merrie kicked my week off with her National Geographic Spiders. I keep looking over my shoulder for the Crack Spider personally because with the amount of caffiene I've been working on lately it's only a matter of time!

Then Jay decided that he's going to bump Clinton off What Not to Wear and made me rethink my stance on wall paper - and put on a hat.

My sister of course is constantly on a mission to find the kind of stuff that makes me snort. If this isn't the most ingenious recycling of a lawmower I don't know what is!

Rachel let me know that I'm not the only person who thinks there should be a revival of Kids say the Darndest Things with her cursing daughter who has a sock issue.

If you are a fan of the Worst of Idol you have to head to Vegas and check out the little gift Tasha wrapped up for you in a buck toothed bow. You may want to have someone standing by with their finger on speed dial for 911. I couldn't decide what was more critical - my bleeding ears or the hyperventilation from laughing.

Now for those of you who can't open video at work, I'll toss you a bone. You have to place a bid on the ficus (or get cursed in Armenian) over at "Chrissy's" place.

Way to go gang! Normally I'm scrambling on Thursday to find the truly funny but you all served it up on a stand up mike!


Andria and Co. said...

I'm going to have to watch those when the baby isn't lying right next to me. :)

This is my favorite video these days- these guys crack me up. Especially the guy with the longish hair. His facial expressions are to die for.

Anonymous said...

I did two videos concerning the remaking of an adult sex toy. The video was 1 1/2 minutes long and it took 6 hours to upload. I hope those "film maker extraordinares or yours can help me out.

Christy said...

I've laughed so hard that I have tears. Thank you for gathering these for us!

Anonymous said...

go check out the video on this post - I adore this woman!