Thursday, April 9, 2009

You may Call Me Wiki.

Because I know everything and I'm right about it all.

How is it that I intentionally post inflammatory posts on both blogs this week because I'm itching for a good fight and debate and get back, comments like "You are so right"? I can't be right about everything.

And if I am right about everything, then why aren't more people acting like me and changing the world one random act of kindness or selflessness at a time? If I'm so right, how did we get so off course?

I have issued a smack down on a 4 year old and you all approved.
I have blasted moms for being whiney and you all agreed and offered to alter your attitudes.
I admitted that my children drive me to drink and no one called Child Protective Services.
I told you all that divorce is never an option and even the divorcees didn't bother to get up in arms.

Oh well. I guess I'll just sit here on my throne as Princess Know it All and continue my reign. Maybe tomorrow I'll tell you that the world is flat, the sky is green and I regularly pick my nose. Sounds like you would believe just about anything. Baaaa.

(I think Spring Break has finally broken me. I'm being insulting, rude, and snarky. Yup. I'm broken.)


Fer said...

Excuse me, I am not a sheep. More like a goat. Thank you very much.

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

I must have missed those topics. Now I'm curious and you'll be hearing from me. :-)

Midwest Mommy said...

Wait, what? I am a newbie here and somewhat confused, lol.

Chrissy said...

All Hail Princess Know it All,

I almost smacked down a 10 year old for calling me a fatty this week.


Amanda said...

I smack down the kids around here on a regular basis. Their parents don't pay attention, and if my kid is outside with them, then I will. My kids also regularly drive me to drink. How to you think I got through 18 months with my husband in Iraq? A little Jose Cuervo now and then never hurt anyone.