Thursday, September 24, 2009

Answering Life's Mysteries!

I haven't taken you on a tour of the news in a while so I decided to see if there was anything worth while to share. Hooo Doggie! (And yes I DID just type that!)

Want to know why there's always a line at the ladies room and NOT at the mens room? It's because the majority of them are right handed and now the line on their side is going to get even shorter.

I had no idea. But now that there is equality in men's underpants, I know I will sleep better tonight!

Want to know why hiking is so popular in Europe? It's the scenery. Definitely the scenery - or maybe not.

Because handing the bears their food already naked relieves the flossing issues that the furry fellows have.

Want to know why it's cooler to work in Australia? Because you get to wear honest to goodness powered ties!

And The Man thought he won when he took Solitaire off the computer. Hah!

Want to know why your milk tastes different? Because it's chilled! Or at least coming from a chilling cow.

Now if you read that article all the way through you noticed that these cows in padded pens have an issue. They now will be needing regular hoof-icures. Hate to tell you but the Happy Cows aren't in Cali anymore!
I'm going to this next year just so I can shake this dude's hand. World Beard and Moustache Championships

Some days I wish I could make this stuff up. And then other days (like today) I look at Reuters and wonder how I can get a job. Odd news ROCKS!


McVal said...

I always told my son that the reason the ladies line is longer is that the ladies room has free arcade games in them. He was very jealous... And that's also why ladies go to the restroom in pairs... The arcade games are made for two!
Real life stuff is a HOOT sometimes!

Jennifer said...

So, there were actual people doing actual research in designing these lefty undies? I can wrap my head around the other stories (except the mustache... I'm very anti-fancy 'staches.) but I am having difficulty with the underwear.

Midwest Mommy said...

Whoa! That beard is crazy!!!

Amanda said...

That guy looks like he spends more time styling his 'stache than I do on my hair. You can't beat the odd news stories, or even the real ones when you need a mind blowing experience.