Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Musings from the Mud.

God bless Noah's wife. That poor woman must have been just about out of her gourd when the 40 days were up. A - she had to live on a boat. B - that boat was filled to the rafters with critters of every shape and size. C - she was locked in with her family and with 3 boys I'm sure there were some fights going on.
(Our downspout beside the garage)

*Editorial note - I apologize for the quality of the pictures. I took them with the Crackberry and it was during the torrential downpour phase so they are blurred from rain and grainy from the camera.*

I'm just sayin'. We've had 10 days of steady rain and I'm about out of my gourd; 4 times that?! She should be sainted. Here at Zoo Suburbia we managed to avoid any severe impact from the disaster that is Georgia right now. We had a little water in our garage where the footer drains got overwhelmed but that was it. Our neighbors? About 4 inches of water in their basement. (The water that ran around the neighbor's basement)
Yes, these are the neighbors who just bought the house. We called the old neighbors and they lamented the fact but were eternally grateful that they weren't there. The neighbors two doors down? Watched as two feet of water poured into their basement. Their front yard sits right over the storm drain so they were the lowest point on our side of the street and were bound to get something.

(The water that was headed to the storm drain in front of Neighbor #2)
But while we are on the subject...My hubby is a nut job. Love him but he's a total nut job. All day yesterday I was checking in with him and he kept saying, "It's just rain!" Like I was some kind of over reacting basket case who needed to be committed. (Pass on that if you know what's good for you!!) Then he came home and was just amazed by the pictures on the news and was gushing about how the river was swollen to the bottom of the bridge and how there were trees down on side streets around our area. Did I act like he was an over reacting basket case who needed to be committed? No. I did not. But I DID give in to the temptation to say, "It's just rain!"
The wee ones are home from school today while folks try to clean up and the waters recede some. And as a result I have decided that Gilbert Godfrey will forever be banned from this house. They were chilling out watching Thumbelina and of course he does the voice of some beetle in the movie. A - that's grating enough. But then B came down. Everything they said had that shrill nasaly whine of his even if they weren't trying to. It was like some subliminal something crawled into their voice box and MADE them talk like that. I wanted to stab my ears with the potato peeler. No more Mr. Godfrey. Even typing his name makes my head throb.
And of course with everyone home, I'm all out of whack. I walked around in a circle in the kitchen this morning completely unable to even think about what I was doing much less get anything accomplished. That definitely added to the headache factor.
The sun has finally decided to let us know that it didn't burn out completely so I might try to venture to the grocery store to get some brown sugar for some caramel crunch mix. But that would involve getting out of my jammies. Hmmmm...I wonder if it's worth it.


Jennifer said...

If you've been cooped up for 4 days with the family, I think YOU deserve to be a saint. I've been home for half an hour and am ready to run for the hills today. Try to stay dry. If it doesn't stop raining maybe your next craft project with the kids can be a boat or something.

McVal said...

You're not going to like this. but...
Noah's dear wife was on the ark for heck of a lot longer than 40 days! It rained for 40 days. They had to wait a very long time for the water to go down and dry up enough that they could leave the ark.
In the midwest here, it only rained yesterday and last night. Enough to get the doggies muddy, but otherwise it's dry today. I'm sorry about all the rain you're getting! I've heard that the Southwest is getting flooded pretty badly.

Amanda said...

It might be worth it to go get the brown sugar just for the sake of getting out of the house. I'm glad y'all are safe from the flooding. I can lament with you about being cooped up. We've been cooped up with cooties, but everyone's on the mend now.

Staci said...

I'd say it's worth going to the store if the mix will make the little ones happy. I wouldn't be able to be cooped up inside that long, yikes!

So glad you haven't gotten damage to your house though!

Linda @ My Trendy Tykes said...

It's been raining here for two weeks.....I am so over the rain.

Sissy said...

oh gawd, Gilbert Godfrey is my mortal enemy - along with CitiMortgage and many many others but that's beside the point - the point is that I believe that man's voice was specifically designed to make me want to forcefully rip the hair from my own head.