Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Say What?!

Here's the deal people. When you use Google to search and your page pops up and you click on that link there's a report generated. If that person (site, whatever) is looking for ways to drive their traffic they use that information to modify what they publish to grab more viewers. At least that's what you're supposed to do. Not me bucky! I use that happy information to....(all together now...) Say What?!

Here are this week's searches that brought folks to The Bowl. My commentary is in black.

im in toilet with mom - I am so glad you have that close relationship with your mom! Good for you!

the toilet bowl mrs giggles - I prefer Ms. Giggles in the professional arena.

hair growing toilet in bowl - Then I would advise that you get out your toilet brush because either you need to clean or it needs a good grooming. Either way you'll be ahead of the game.

toliet bowl blogspoy - I'm still searching Webster for a "blogspoy." You'd think my Greek would come in handy about now.

history of toilet bowl - My sister is the history major so I'll have her get back to you on that.

toilet bowl history - Is this the worst 7th grade history report or what?

do you have to leave already - Yes, Pookie, I do. But don't worry I'll be back tomorrow!

how to measure "ring to index" finger ratio - Check with those Cambridge boys at PNAS; I hear they have it down!

I must say that compared to some of the other searches I've seen pop up on people mine is pretty tame. Especially considering the name of the blog. But then again I don't every really talk about the actual bowl do I? Good times. Good times.


Bloggymommy said...

Those are funny! I'm lost though, how do you know what people type in to get to your page???

jennifer said...

Almost makes me want to get a blog just to see how I pop up! LOL

TheXMom said...

I'm with Bloggymommy.... how do you find that out...

spec said...

That rainbow essence that gleams on the top of a very organicaly contained bowl...(also known as yellow water)

Not to be confused with

BLOGSPRY: the the tiny fish that evolve after weeks on incubation.
(Also called fry, however I have never eaten them.)

BLOGSPORE: the spore of the rare incandescent mushroom that grows on the side of the toilet bowl. No gourmet kits needed.