Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Are You Missing Your News Review?

I knew you were so I thought I would just spin around the headlines really quick and let you know what is going on in the world.

Nadya gets to start taking her children home in the next few days. There is an organization that will be helping her along (per Dr. Phil this afternoon) and the children will be coming home two at a time with an adjustment period between each addition. No matter what our opinion of her, we need to really pray that ALL of the children are able to adjust and be cared for as they deserve.

Let's see. What next? Oh yes. French friend, please tell me that you know about this website that is allowing children to farm out their homework to older students. I would love it if someone could explain to me WHO this is benefitting. Not terribly thrilled with that story.

The Vatican is cranking out the news this week. Camaroon tore down a slew of it's street stalls for the Pope's visit. Because in today's economy, shutting down people's livlihoods so that the city "looks good" for the Pope is a good idea. Especially in poverty ridden Africa of all places.

And then there's the story from the Vatican's newspaper (I didn't even know they had one honestly!) that purports that the biggest move for women's lib in the 20th century was...Can you guess? The Washing Machine! That's right ladies - the Maytag man has set us free. Thanks big guy! Supposedly we put in the detergent, close the lid and go have our nails done. Well, that's what I do! Don't the rest of the ladies in the audience?

Ooooh! Here's a kicker (no pun intended). An Australian couple thought they were in the middle of a home invasion when they realized that the "intruder" was a kangaroo and he was jumping on them in their bed. Now I am bad about hitting the snooze button but let me tell you that is the RUDEST awakening I have ever heard of. Even my children know you don't jump on sleeping folks.

Let's hit up two more stories just for funsies, shall we? And since Fer accused me of being on something other than caffiene and Excedrin earlier this week we'll make it drug related. A 66 year old man in a leg cast was arrested when he tried to go through customs in Spain. Would you care to know why Gramps was picked up? Because the cast was made of cocaine. Nah. The drug dogs won't pick that up at all. But did you go read the story? He was stashing a 6 pack and two folding stools in his luggage. Tailgating is over until fall senor.

And our last druggie news tidbit. Police raided a concert and snagged $1.2 million worth of illegal drugs. Can you tell me what band it was? Guess you'll have to tune in to Show me the Funny this week to find out! (Did you see how I didn't link that last story? THAT is how you drive traffic people!)

From the Research Room - This is T.B. Maid saying "May your water be blue and always go down!"

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Amy said...

There is a lot going on this world. Thanks for bringing in some great stories. Off to clean.

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