Thursday, March 12, 2009

Show me the Funny: Spring Fever Edition

Between the time change and the weather, there has been a raging case of Spring Fever around Bloggy Land this week. Sorry gang but spring break is still a few weeks off. To tide you over I thought these might help!

First let's take care of some business. Remember on Saturday how I asked what your guilty TV pleasure was? Remember how I said whoever confessed to Murder She Wrote or Matlock got free linky love? Turns out you are all reality TV weenies but Kim did confess that Angela Lansbury makes her a little twitchy. Angela Lansbury was Mrs. Potts in Beauty and the Beast. Does that mean teapots make Kim twitchy? I dare you to ask her. Just wear your goggles.

What? You don't have goggles? Well, then I would suggest a trip to WalMart with J Jiggety. May I also advise that YOU pick the cart and beware of the clowns? Just saying!

While you're at Wally World you may pick up a new copy of Single Ladies. But before you do make sure you study up on Chris's dance moves so that you can do the song justice. I think Chris advises stretching first?

Now I wish there was more Funny to go around but folks just haven't been able to battle their Spring Fever with funny. So go! Go into the blogosphere and bring back a bounty for Mr. Linky! Fly like the wind my humor spies!

BTW, who figured out the band responsible for the $1.2 million dollar drug round up? If you remembered that Phish is back on tour after a five year sabbatical then you probably guessed right. Gotta love good old Phish!

Now, for next week's Funny I need you to help me with a little research. I know that it's still a few weeks off but I want to hear all about April Fools Day. Best prank you've ever played. Best prank you've ever been victim too. Have you ever turned a prank around on someone? Snag the button over there and take it with you to post. Come on people! Show me the Funny!


Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Strangely enough I don't have a teapot. So maybe that explains why. It's all because of Angela Landsbury.

Staci said...

Can I just say I love Mrs Potts?!