Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Brain Junk on an Empty Brain

You thought that was impossible didn't you? Wrong!

It is Wednesday and that means Garbage Day. Who wants to take a guess at who took the trash out and to the curb? Frickin', frackin', mumble, grumble, gripe.

If you have missed The Pushers, you need to head over to The Zoo and check them out. Gena made the point that they really are what Rhino referred to them as - pushers. Upon further reflection, she's absolutely right. We push doors open, drawers closed, children out of the way when our hands are full of grocery bags and heaven only knows what. A mother's "pushers" are her extra hands. Don't think about that - just go with it.

Big pressure is headed my way. Sissy has asked me to do a guest post for The Martians while she undertakes a move next week. There's something about guest posting on someone elses blog. It can go two ways. If you are really great at it you can maybe steal - I mean SHARE - some traffic. If you louse it up too bad, you not only trash the other person's blog but you totally torpedo your own while you're at it. I never thought I would say this, but I sure hope my kids can channel a little Aiden and Asher this week.

In other news, I did a e-mail interview for Parenting Magazine about our road trip with 3 under 5 last summer. At the end of my response I offered to take a road trip with the munchkins and provide video, blogging and other nonsense for them if they wanted an online compliment to go with the in print article. Think it will work? How awesome would that be if I could take three children by myself to Boston with someone else footing the bill? I say I would make it there and then feed myself to the lobsters.

Don't forget that tomorrow's Show me the Funny is all about April Fools Pranks you've pulled, had pulled on you, or have managed to turn back on the prankster. Snag the button over there and add it to your post. I'll probably put up Linky tonite so that you can get your links up first thing in the morning. Come on gang! You have to have some good ones.

Told you you could get brain junk out of an empty brain!


Amy said...

Have a great Wednesday.

Ragmansdaughter said...

I miss Pinky and the Brain.