Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm Moving. To a Magical Land.

We are officially into Day 4 of Bleary Gray and Rainy. I am solar powered and that little snack of sunshine and 80 degrees I had last week has now run out. I would love nothing better than to crawl back down under the covers to the bottom of the bed and just laze the day away. We could read books and nap and starve. It would be wonderful.

(This is the weather I have!)

Unfortunately grown up life being what it is, I am required to come out of my cocoon and do laundry and de-fur the kitchen floor and feed people. Geeze! But I have decided that I will be moving. As soon as I figure out the where to part. Here are my thoughts.

I would like to move to a place that has four seasons. Spring and Fall of course are the longest two of the four. Summer can have two months and Winter gets exactly 30 days. Christmas should fall about 10 days into winter. I won't be burnt out on the cold and snow (which my magical land will have) but it will provide the perfect atmosphere for the holiday. The other 20 days are for the children to play. I'm such a considerate mother.

Now the weather. There are two options here for the rain. It can either rain at night with clearing about 90 minutes before sunrise. Or it can rain on Wednesdays. I decided that a nice soft soaking rain all day on Wednesday was a good idea because in my magical land Wednesdays will be Nap Day. And when do you sleep better than when you are listening to the soft steady soothing sound of rain. One day a week should be sufficient to keep us out of a drought condition but if it isn't I reserve Sunday afternoons for support rain.

(This is the weather in Magical Sarah Land!)

The temperature. Will seldom get above 90 and never below 15. Winds will blow in March and April for the purpose of kite flying but the rest of the year will have intermittent breezes. Grasses will always be soft and there will always be a pleasant smattering of fluffy white clouds.

And then lollipops and chocolate will grow on trees. Did I mention that the weather is getting to my brain? Man, I need some sun.


Ragmansdaughter said...

You had me at 30 days of winter. So are there any condos available in Sarah's Magic Land? Do I get a family discount?

Fer said...

You had me until you said it could get down to 15 degrees. I prefer 60-75 all year round. Guess I'll be finding a Magical Jennifer Land. Maybe we'll be neighbors. =)

Buck Rogers said...

Totally off topic but wanted to let you know that I am using some more of your rules this week, gave you credit

Amy said...

I am sorry to hear you have rain. We finally had a very nice day. I got to go for a walk and not freeze.