Monday, March 23, 2009

Two Cents Tuesday: Givin' It Up!

Tuesday, Tuesday! (da da. da da da dum.) So good to me! A time when I can rant all I want for freeeeeeeee! Ok I'll spare you the rest but you should probably know that one of these days I'm going to vlog Two Cents Tuesday and you'll be stuck with the real songs throbbing in your brain all day long. And that is your warning.

Want to play Two Cents Tuesday with me? Well you can't. Not unless you vow to play Show me the Funny too. Ok, so that was a completely made up rule because TCT isn't even mine - it's Tu Tu's and she says that there are no rules and since it's her game she can do that. Because she's cool like that. And I'm really jealous.

What was I saying? Oh yes! Today's Two Cents - Giving. Now it's funny that this should be the topic this week. This week is the Rhino's birthday. And I have no present lined up. As a matter of fact his birthday is TOMORROW and I have no clue. And I have no chance to go snag one without him in tow.

Did I mention that this Mother of the Year candidate had to schedule his four year check up complete with shots ON his birthday? I honestly didn't have a choice people! He has to have the shots to register for school and registration is tomorrow and Thursday. And before you ask me why I didn't do it early, it's because the peds office wouldn't let me, OK?!?!

So for my son's birthday I'm giving him a trip to the pediatrician, shots and an audience as the girls have to go with me. This is going to ROCK! (You got the sarcasm, right?)
Let's take another spin on giving shall we? Lent and giving it up. I didn't do Lent this year. A) I'm only Catholic on paper and until my husband decides to take a real interest and teach me that's all the further I'll get. And B) the economy has pretty much shot all my little luxuries (all three that I had) already so there wasn't much more to give up. Except blogging and my sister would get the shakes if I quit for a while so that was out for the sake of family. (I can blame it on her, right? That's allowed?)

But my husband did give up some things. Soda - an annual favorite. French fries and fast food in general - no biggie since I've been packing lunch anyway. And sweets - pretty big considering me and my baking fetish. I don't really understand Lent that much. Aren't you supposed to give up something and in it's place spend that time and energy focusing on God and His sacrifice? Something tells me the fries weren't really what the church had in mind, but fries aren't that important to me so it wouldn't be a big sacrifice.

And how about one more take on giving. The phrase "givin' it up for..." I don't understand that phrase. Is it that strenuous to applaud or cheer for someone who has done a good job? Why do I have to "give it up?" Can't I just share a round of applause? How about show my appreciation for? Oh wait. That's not slang-y enough. But that's a whole different blog post. I don't get a lot of slang talk but we can talk about that later.

In the meantime, give it up for my pal TuTu and her Two Cents Tuesday! (aaaaaah, woot woot, cheer, roaring applause, etc.)


Melissa said...

Great post... I love "notes from the toilet bowl" :).
So, how did your son do with the shots??

Ragmansdaughter said...

You better believe that I would wig out if you gave up blogging! As for the lent thing, I think that the purpose is to be reminded of the sacrifice every time you remember that you gave up something. Also it is a good conversation starter if you want to explain why you are giving up something that everyone knows you are addicted to (chocolate).

Amy said...

I had to do the same thing for my little one on her first birthday. They want you to do it when they turn one not before but only a few days later. So one her Birthday off we went to get shots. I hope he does okay. Yeah to you for being featured at last weeks Two Cents. Have a great day.

Sarah said...

LOL - you are too funny! I gave you a little award for your awesomeness ;)

Ragmansdaughter said...

Taking the boy "shopping" on his birthday, yep you are definitely out of the running for MOY. However, I forgot to send his hat, I guess that knocks me out of the AOY category.

Angela said...

Funny that you don't get a lot of the slang ~ you should totally get my two cents post!! Don't really "get" lent either but oh well I am not Catholic! Don't feel bad I have lost my Mother of the Years nominations MANY MANY MANY times too!

♥ Kathy said...

LOL you are totally funny :) Great Two Cents :p