Thursday, March 5, 2009

Show me the Funny: A Dose of Bathroom Humor!

Now I know I gave you a bathroom theme this week but that was only for features. If you have another funny to share feel free to drop it in Mr. Linky! I could certainly use a chuckle after my Big Crash this week so bring it on! And now for my brave bathroom bloggers.

If you were curious as to why I am the only blogger on the planet who doesn't have a laptop, check out Karen's mini blogger. I'm pretty sure that is what Beloved is hoping to avoid.

Stephanie is giving you another glimpse into life at my house with her post about Sibling Cooperation. Don't think too hard about what COULD have happened. I think she's had enough of a cardiac workout this week.

And my pal Tu Tu came through in glorious fashion with a bathroom post not even remotely close to the bathroom! Maybe this one falls under "Kids Say!"

Did you come across some humor this week? Make sure you drop the link in Mr. Linky and share a giggle with the rest of us.

Remember! Live, Love and Laugh!


Amy said...

I may have to join in next week. Today is my Mom's Birthday and I did a post for her. I may be back later to post something who knows.

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

Thanks for featuring my post! That photo always makes me laugh.

TuTu's Bliss said...

I had a link to a hysterical post and I've lost it. I really need a better bloggy system. I might have to find another!

Mommy Kerrie said...

you are so not the only blogger w/o a laptop! i don't have internet access in my home! yeesh! it's my husband's fault, though! i am determined to blog and query no matter what!

Shannon said...

Thanks for running my ad. I love Show Me the Funny! :) Brightens my day. Have a great Friday!