Tuesday, March 31, 2009


And you totally thought that I was running one when you came sprinting over here didn't you? Got a little cramp in your clicking finger huh? Sorry.
And now that the contest stalkers are gone...The rest of the story.

I used to enter giveaways. Sure did! As a matter of fact it might have been the second or third reason I started blogging. I would stalk the contest sites and the review bloggers to see what they were reviewing in hopes that I could win something awesome like a phone or a camera or a new set of cookware. And I won a few contests. I got some really cute stuff for my family for Christmas and I was happy.

Now I avoid reviews and contests like the plague. Unless it's something really awesome. Would you like to know why?

Anymore to enter a contest you have to pick your favorite item from the site (which I completely have no problem with - that's the point), then blog it - with a link back of course, tweet it, follow the blogger, grab their button, add them to your twitter and clean their toilet with your toothbrush. Then you have to go back to their page and put all that stuff in their comments. Of course for every comment you have to fill out the captcha word verification to prove that you're not a computer generated contest spammer. And inevitably it's the person who cleaned their toilet AND their sink who wins.

I'm just saying there's a place for gathering link love, Twitter and Blog followers. I was lamenting my traffic stats the other day and several bloggers told me that while yes they get big traffic on their contests and giveaways, those people don't ever come back until the next giveaway. Wouldn't it make more sense to grow your site genuinely and reward your readers with giveaways as a thank you?

You are asking yourself where this little tirade came from aren't you? Well I was considering going out and trying to find some sponsors for a little blogoversary party for my blogs. After all I'll be celebrating the blogoversary and 300 posts at about the same time (if not THE same time). But then I wondered if that might not be more trouble and chaos than I have the patience for. I'm still deliberating - I'll get back to you when I reach a decision.

In the meantime go ahead and weigh in. After all it IS Two Cents Tuesday. So spill it! Do you still enter contests? Are the requirements reasonable to you? Are you a Giver? Can you explain all the hoops?


Anonymous said...

I'm having my first giveaway. While I'm very appreciative of my sponser, I'm never doing this again. I don't like forcing another blogger to blog about my shit.

Fer said...

As I live on the outskirts of bloggyland, where it's nice and quiet and no one knows who you are, I have no idea what you are even talking about. =) That just sounds too much like work. LOL

Merrie said...

Funny you should ask...
I just had my first review offer come in last night, and it's for something my kids and I will totally enjoy reviewing, so I'm going to do it. BUT, I'm determined to not make people jump through hoops to try and win. No twittering, no visiting a site, etc. I may suggest they could enter again if they post about it, but that's as far as I think I can stand to go.

I also have my one year blogiversary next week and am planning a giveaway, but again, I don't want to make it painful.

We'll see after that if I'm interested in doing it again. :)

Amanda said...

I enter if it's something I'd truly like to win. I know I've even entered a few while surfing that I forgot what site they were at. I think it'd be nice if they e-mailed winners instead of making you stop back. I know it's all about the traffic, but still. I'm lucky if I remember to brush my teeth and put on deoderant some days.

Buck Rogers said...

I have about 25 cents worth...

1) I hate the hoops. In fact I am about to do some giveaways and I think it will be leave a comment and that is it. Sure I would love to get my RSS/Twitter/etc numbers up but I figure, write and they will come.

2)On the other end, trying to get reviews and giveaways is a full time job, trust me I started and as soon as I am done with what is in my inbox, I am done looking for them. If they want me they know where to find me

3) This is the 2nd time I had to come out of Google Reader to comment on your post in a week, maybe you are doing something right. Keep up the good work!

Okay it was 3 cents worth

Jenera said...

I don't enter giveaways for the same reason. I understand having to work a bit but if I have to do more than two things, it ain't that cool.

I have had a couple giveaways and I just have my peeps leave a comment. If they do all that extra crap, then yay for them, they get extra credit.

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

I'm a giveaway addict, I love entering them and hosting them. The "hoops" arent' really a bother for me because most them are things I do anyways and are always optional. Like when I offer the extra entries, they are simply that, extra. I've had quite a few people win that didn't do a single extra thing. I do try to keep them simple though. Stumbling, tweeting, becoming a google friend, are all things that can be done with the click of of a button and I make them as accessible to the reader as possible (less work for them, more for me).