Saturday, March 14, 2009

I Almost Forgot Pie Day!

Dear Foodimentary! Thank you so much for reminding me! It's Pie Day!! Woo Hoo!!

What? You don't know what Pie Day is? 3-14. 3.14 is Pi in mathmatical terms. Today is 3-14. Therefore it is Pie Day!

Now the big dilemma. Apple or Cherry? Discuss and weigh in my 4 PM would ya? Maybe Marie would have been spared if she had said "Let them eay Pie!" I would have liked her better.

By the way Photobucket admins and morons.

I really wanted a picture of a cherry pie. Just the dessert item that is a crust that contains cherries. Just because other perverts searched "cherry pie" in hopes of finding something lewd or nasty doesn't mean the whole world is. And if you don't host images like that anyway, why would you feel it is necessary to limit my ability to search for a piece of cherry pie? If you don't host them they won't be there and therefore when I search for cherry pie I should only find pictures of the dessert, right?

And now you have ruined my Pie Day. Thanks a lot you knuckleheads!

I still love you Cherry Pie! I think Apple cheated in the whole "As American as..." debate.

1 comment:

Fer said...

No, apple pie all the way. =) Hmmm... maybe we'll have some pie ala mode later. Well, minus the pie. We don't have any. LOL