Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Parents Knew Better than to Name me Grace!

I'll get around to Wordless Wednesday eventually but I really have to address this first.

We are dog sitting for our neighbor again (a three week stint this time) so on top of my normal toy vaulting, children dodging and laundry balancing, I've been doing the dog shuffle too. He's an 80 lb lab but he is the sweetest dog on the planet (unless you count the loaf of banana bread he snagged off the counter on Monday). He loves to wait for me to sit down somewhere and lay down next to the couch or chair.

Munch and I were cuddling on the couch yesterday settling down for nap and I decided that I should go put her in her bed since she's been having some adjustment issues. I scooped her and her blankies up and turned to head for her room. And promptly tripped over the dog. And by tripped I don't mean stumbled; I mean full blown Mama is going DOWN!

My brain kicked into high gear because I was going down between our end table and our armchair in a space that is only about 2 feet wide. Brain said "Don't drop the baby but don't let her smack her head on the end table either." So Body responded by trying to hit all fours but in the knees and elbows version so that hands and forearms could pull Munch in close so she wouldn't hit the ground. Every muscle in my back must have twisted and flexed in anticipation of the impact.

We hit. I managed to not land on Munch but I immediately started to cry. Partly out of relief that she was safe, partly out of anger at the dog, and a big chunk out of screaming pain. I am now the proud owner of two brushburnt elbows, a bruised knee, a jammed hip and some serious muscle aches in my back and shoulders.

You would think that would be enough for one day wouldn't you? Not according to the cosmos. I took my ibuprofen and curled up with my heating pad and went to bed.

1 AM wake up with raging thirst and a very HOT bed.
2:14 Wake up to a screaming 5 year old who just pooped in her bed because she couldn't find the bunk bed ladder in her sleep. Shower and change her and put her in bed with me.

3:17 Wake up to wailing 2 year old who just fell out of her bed.

4:15 Wake up to thud where 2 year old fell out again.

6:32 Realize that the alarm going off is not going to stop.

I really need to catch up on some housework but something tells me if I manage to stay standing today I'll be on my way to the Mom Hall of Fame! The good news is that with all the up and down last night I never really had a chance to get stiff. That works in my favor right?


Amy said...

I do not have blue water. But if I did I would want some cute turtles and fish in there.

Now onto your day. I think you should take today of just for you. Or if a child is napping curl up with a book or something you like. I am someone just like you who will take a fall and have bumps I do not know where they came from. Take it easy today.

Fer said...

Most Graces I know are pretty clumsy. Olivia Grace (peaceful and graceful) - HA HA HA HA HA. Yeah...

I hope you get to feeling better soon.