Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm Rethinking my Summer Plans.

It was sheets day today and as we all know when I clean I start to think strangely. I was revisiting my Summer Plans as outlined at the Zoo. After checking all of my various e-mails (which very few REAL people ever use), I found that I had no offers from my multitude of corporate choices. "Why?" I was wondering to myself. And then I realized.
Anyone can ask a bunch of corporate sponsors for this, that, or the other thing with selfish purposes behind the whole thing. How was I going to let them know I was a unique selfish person? So I decided on something. I am going to take a page from Bobby Flay and I'm going to set up the Redo the Zoo Throwdown!

Phase one - The Landscaping!
Throwdown participants - Lowes and Home Depot. They'll flip a coin to see who gets front yard and who gets back. Then they can set their dollar limit and redo their section. Then we'll have all of you vote on who is the landscaping headquarters! You can judge them on cleanliness while they are working; color; efficiency; and overall result. Winner gets my yard for any type of ad layout free of charge!

Phase two - The Remodel!
Throwdown participants - Behr vs. Glidden and Pier One vs. Rooms to Go. I think those are fair match ups, don't you? And when I said remodel I wasn't talking about tearing out walls or anything like that. I want rooms repainted and new furniture and decor elements. One can have the livingroom and one can have the playroom/office. I'll even let them buddy up with Ikea and The Container Store for storage solutions. Tell me that's not an awesome Throwdown! Same stakes and you get to judge them on the same criteria.

Phase three - The Road Trip!
This was a little tougher. On this one I think we have to have Winnebago and WalMart vs. Airstream and Target. I'll take one trip. One team will supply us going north and one coming home to the south. This will be judged on economics, comfort and ease of travel. You'll get the same number of stops and days on the road. Readers, you will be able to weigh in but it will ultimately be up to me and my fellow travelers.

I can't believe my mailbox has yet to explode. Maybe I was right. Maybe I should stick to the blogging and leave the PR and reviews to the experts!


Fer said...

You had me scared you were trying to get Bobby Flay for something.

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Totally gotta be the Airstream right? How can you go wrong?

Good luck with the throwdown - let me know if you need a buddy for the road trip!