Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Two Cents Tuesday: Choices, Choices.

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And in case you didn't have enough inspiration to participate she's hav ing a rocking contest this week too! Check it out and give your two cents!

This week is all about Choices. Yes, it is a wonderful topic and heaven knows I have plenty of fodder that could take us to a deep dark place. But we all know that's not my speed. Let's instead talk about some of the choices I've made this week shall we? Yes, I know it's only Tuesday but I have already racked up some doozies.

Good choice - dog sitting for neighbor while he was out of town for two weeks.
Bad choice - not making sure I went out to the yard every few days to clean up after him.
Worse choice - not paying very close attention to where I was walking in my already smashed down flops.

Good choice - eating a garden salad with grilled chicken and a low fat Asian dressing for dinner last night.
Bad choice - having a heaping bowl of ice cream for dessert.
Worse choice - adding sugared strawberries, chocolate syrup and cool whip to the ice cream.

Good choice - finishing up the yard cleanup this morning
Bad choice - not looking where I was grabbing while I was trimming monkey grass (remember the whole dog thing?)
Worse choice - not wearing any gloves while I was working.

Good choice - being compassionate when Beloved woke up with my flu this morning
Bad choice - encouraging him to stay home from work
Worse choice - not finding somewhere else to be today while he is home with the flu and nothing to do


Sarah said...

LOL!! Too funny.

♥ Kathy said...

aww LOL that was great! Hope the flu leaves quickly!

Melissa said...

Yummy...I coming to your house for dessert.... and I want the "worst choice" :)

Amy said...

Oh Thanks for stopping by and talking about my "Two Cents" here is the answers to your questions I think. Yes, instructions can be hard to follow and understand while you are trying to put something together. This is when I ask a friend for help or my husband. I am not that crafty when it comes time to put something together. I know sad. Men they just want to see if they can do it with out following the instructions. I think that is just how they work. A child is a child and I think they do as they please. Yeah, like when they only listen to you when they want to follow what you are saying. I only have a one year old so I am not dealing with that yet. What did you mean by a follow up to the "Two Cents" Did she do one like this already? Or are you wondering how this "Two Cents" will pan out.

I loved your "Two Cents" There are good choices and bad ones like you said. I love the ice cream the best.

RockinMama06 said...

LOL, I hate when my husband is sick. It's worse than when my 3 year old is sick! I feel your pain!