Monday, February 9, 2009

A Break from the Stupid News!

Although between today's silent footage of Mr. President bonking his head as he got into Marine One and the Porn Star considering a Senate bid in Louisiana, I would have had plenty of stupid news to cover with you!

But today I thought I would share some cool news. Ok so it's probably only really cool to me but deal! It's my blog and I'll post what I want. A while back I showed you the Beluga Whales at our Aquarium, right? If you tuned into the Beluga WebCam at all then you were probably drawn into a bit of a trace yourself. I love them. They are single handedly my favorite exhibit.

And then of course I shared with you my love of yoga. It's very centering and still tests your body in a physical way. Well get ready for my own little slice of heaven on Earth!

Whales serve as backdrop for aquarium yoga classes

There is a ballroom set up with a viewing window into the Beluga tank which would be incredible for anything - a wedding, a class reunion, a prom. But imagine being able to watch those flowing movements as you worked out. I can only imagine the day that Nico and Natasha start to mimic downward dog or a warrior pose!

Oh, if only funds were available! I would wallow in Sunday night yoga with Nico!


Fer said...

That would be just too cool. I wish we had an aquarium close by.

greedygrace said...

That's so cool! I would love to take a yoga class with whales as the backdrop... very zen.

Welcome to SITS!

Alicia said...

That would be amazing! And that zoo webcam is pretty neat! Thanks for sharing!!!