Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Work for a Fast Food Chain?

I was fact checking with a rock star blogger pal of mine who happens to live in Utah (home of the Wedgie Weilding Vet Tech) to see if the story was real. Being the supportive individual she is (who also shares my sense of humor) she shared another Utah news story with me. So this time everyone say thank you Trisha!
Apparently this poor fellow wanted to but got stuck behind the wheel of a truck instead! Now I would copy and paste the story for you but it's copyrighted and I am not in the mood for jail time and don't have funds for bail or major fines so you'll just have to click over.

The driver fell asleep, crashed into the center concrete barrier and tossed his cargo of hambuger patties all over the highway. And by all over I mean both sides of the highway to the point that they shut the whole smash down for several hours. The timestamp on the story was 9:33 AM and the northboud side of the highway was still shut down; southbound had opened at 6:45. My first thought when I read the story?

Gives a whole new meaning to "flipping burgers!"

I was relating this story to my sister (aka my sounding board) and she remarked that it would have been even more bizarre if the truck had caught fire and started cooking them. No we are not wishing harm on the driver at all! We just have a sick sense of humor that's all.
Of course the conversation spiraled out of control from there because we started to think about the bizarre things that have been spilled on the highways. From shoes to livestock to toilet paper and now hamburgers. Out of random curiosity I approached the might Google once again to see what other bizarre things we might find.

It is my profound and hysterical pleasure to present to you a website dedicated to none other than "bizarre highway spills." Man I love the web!


Fer said...

I would walk off the job before cleaning up some of that stuff on the website. Gah-ross!

Trish said...

I can't believe there is a whole site dedicated to bizarre highway spills! Glad you got a kick out of the story!