Thursday, February 26, 2009

Show me the Funny! No holds barred edition.

Oh great fans of The Bowl. You have come through for me in such a grand fashion. I don't even know where to start. I sent out the call a little earlier this week and the response has been gut wrenching - as in no Pilates for me this week, can't breath, tears and snot rolling, laughing my butt off. (Which could be a good thing considering my Lenten Math.)

I believe I shall start with this little gem submitted by my own sister in response the train track post over at The Zoo last week.

My fabulous web designer Karen, shared a peek at Brotherly Advice gone Wrong and a great lesson in Men versus Women. I swear that brother thing could have happened at our house.

Or Sissy's house! Speaking of Sissy, she passed me two side splitters that she found this week. The first was a reflection on Tummy Tucks from The Mad Housewife, Jaci. The second was a new perspective on Spanx supplied by Her Nashville.

Hey Trisha! Did you get any glimpses of those while you were at Mom Summit? Now Trisha was very open that going to the conference last week was taxing on her but to make her brain create this take on (Mom) Blogging? {Some things are just too painfully true, you know!}

And finally my Utah contributor Trisha learned this week that she is raising a Milk Mooch. But when the Mooch takes the pants off her head she really does make a great princess don't you think? How could she not with Trisha as the Queen?

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Until next week, live, love and LAUGH!


Amy said...

I did this. I had a laugh on me. Thanks for a wonderful idea.

Shannon said...

Funny! Tweeting it...

Trish said...

Thanks for the linky love!

Ragmansdaughter said...

Really the thing about the teachable moment that you missed today was too good! I would have laughed out loud if there hadn't been a patient in the waiting room.