Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Interview for the Octuplet Mom

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I've tried to keep it in but I just can't anymore. This woman has made my head just about spin off my shoulders. I'm not paying her to grant my interview but here's what I want to know (just in case any of you are journalists). I watched the CNN story this morning and I have more than just a few questions.

#1. How did a person who has not had a job for several years afford IVF?
#2. Who is this "sperm donor" they keep referring too and how does he feel about this?
#3. How can you responsibly have 8 more children when you just bankrupted your own parents for a house?
#4. How did you afford to hire a publicist when you have no job?
#5. According to your own mother, you did this because you wanted "one more girl." Why didn't you take all those funds (#1 and #4) and adopt a child who needs parents?
#6. What makes you a parenting expert?

It's that last question that blows my mind the most. This woman has 14 children under the age of 8 and she thinks she's an expert? I'm sorry. But until you have at least covered puberty with at least three of your children, I don't think you can even dream of claiming expert status. What exactly are you an expert on? Getting them to eat their veggies?

There is something very suspicious about this whole thing. Where did all this money come from? Who did the procedure in the first place? CNN is reporting that they can't find a single fertility expert who would implant that many embryos in a young healthy mother to begin with. The highest number I have heard is 5 and that is for a woman in her 40's or a high risk mother. From my understanding she is only in her thirties (and young thirties at that) and since she already has six children I'm thinking high risk isn't an accurate description either.

And let's get back to the father(s) in this scenario. Where is the father(s) for the first 6? And who is this "sperm donor?" That in itself is irritating me. He is referred to as the donor everywhere so this only affirms my thought that this was a science experiment that went too far.

I understand a woman controlling her own body. I have to wonder though what is in this woman's head to do all of this. And to paint herself as an expert on top of it.

I fear for these children and their future. They aren't even a month old yet and it's already gone sideways. But this is just my take. Please, can someone spin this for me so that I stop thinking she needs to borrow my huggy jacket?


jennifer said...

I don't understand it myself. It all sounds really OFF. There's more to the story than we're getting.

jennifer said...

I don't understand it myself. It all sounds really OFF. There's more to the story than we're getting.

TheXMom said...

I agree with Jennifer, there is definitley more to this story that is not meant for the public. I think it was a quack dr doing some sort of fertility experiment.. maybe a new fertility drug trial or something

Amanda said...

I definitely think it's some sort of drug trial or something because (hold on to your head) the other 6 kids are all IVF babies from what I've read as well! Supposedly the kids all have the same sperm donor and these 8 were the remaining eggs from the other procedures. Evidently the woman couldn't let them go, so she had them implanted to become babies. So many things in this story to make a person go hmmmmmm.

Bloggymommy said...

I don't get it either! I will be praying for all the childern that they have a blessed future. It's going to be a tough life I'm sure. Too many kids, not enough money and no father around. But that could be said for a lot of children. I just hope and pray that they are ok and will forever be ok.

Sissy said...

I can't imagine! I'm getting my ass kicked by 2. Something is wrong on many levels with her.

Miranda said...

I agree with Sissy, 2 are driving me up the wall! lol She's totally off her rocker! I think 6 was WAY more than enough for someone with no job and filing bankruptcy.. and no father around?! This is by far one of the dumbest things I've ever heard of anyone doing. And you're so right, she's definitely no expert. I just want to know how she's gonna get all those carseats into her big yellow bus? lol

Patricia Godfrey said...

I haven't followed this story fully, just caught bits and pieces of it, but you've peaked my interest, so I am definitely curious about how this all came about. As a single mother of two (4 and 2), I have my hands full, and I could not possible imagine bringing that many children into the world without a husband, a huge support system, and steady income. I will definitely be praying for the well being of all of her children.