Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Now You Too Can Take the Pledge!

For only $19.95!

Ok, so the whole pay for it thing isn't real but you CAN take the pledge! My wonderful creative and inspired pal Christy heeded the call for a Olive Pledge button and whipped this up. So feel free to snag it for your own blog if you need an occasional reminder to be better than drab. I would love the linky love back to The Pledge but that is entirely up to you.

The Olive Pledge!

And as long as I'm being a self promoting hussy, remember that we are about 36 hours away from "Show me the Funny!" If you saw something funny. If something made you snort. If it made stuff shoot out your nose I want it! Not the stuff you shot out - the cause of the said shooting.

I should stop shouldn't I?

Bring me your funny posts or funnies you have read and drop them in my linky. Right now I have no submissions for features so you might have to just look at all of my highlights from the past week if you don't get your acts together.

I'll also take suggestions for a topic for next week's funny if you have any inspired ideas!

Show me the Funny!


Fer said...

I want a tshirt like that. Because I don't want to be drab just in life in general =)

Sissy said...

I'm on a mission to link up to some funny.

Sissy said...

and how'd I know this lady would be the culprit.