Thursday, February 12, 2009

Take your pick!

I was cruising through the news this morning and got trapped in the Odd News section. Now I know that many of you think that most of my news bits come from this section but I assure you that I find the vast majority in the politics, science, and world news areas. For today though we are going to peek at the Odd News headlines.

Naked hikers face spot fines
*Because when I'm climbing the Alps I just find clothes encumbering!

Venezuela military tells voters: don't eat your ballot
*I think they're just trying to avoid the inevitable poop search to ensure an accurate vote tally. Wimps!

Bishop arrested for child chimney pot stunt
*I have to store this one away for high school when the kids refused to do their homework - "Don't make me make you sit on the chimney!"

Deputies: Ohio teacher cut class for prostitution
*And we thought teacher pay in GA was bad! I wonder if she got detention (or couldn't the principal afford her?)

Cheers! Yeast gene map could mean better beer
*I don't know about you but genetically engineered beer sounds kind of scary!

Cops arrest man who sought help removing handcuffs
*Note to self: Do not go to a POLICE STATION to have handcuffs removed if you have been involved in illegal activity.

Ooo! Here's a really good one!
Man runs out of gas after robbing gas station
*That's right folks. He robbed the station but forgot to fill up first. I kid you not!

And finally one more clothing optional story for you.
Nude biker leads trooper on chase in bad weather
*I know on the rare occasion that it sleets here the first thing I do is strip and jump on a motorcycle in hopes of crashing into a police car!

So here it is from me to you. Anytime you feel like the news is too heavy to handle take a stroll through the Odd News - it helps. And the next time you pull a bonehead moment, just take solace in the fact that if you have clothes on you are ahead of the curve!


Fer said...

The naked biker just HAD to be from Arkansas, didn't he? And the naked hiker story just made my brain hurt. Where are they going to come up with the money? Some of them carry rucksacks? What? They're concerned that the naked hikers aren't carrying money since they have no pockets? I'm so confused. I need to go lay down now.

Bloggymommy said...

LOL! Those are great!

Claire said...

lol!! The genetically engineered beer got a big nose wrinkle from me!
And ooh, the man who ran out of gas ((smacks head)) REALLY????
I love this!!!