Monday, February 9, 2009

Tomorrow Night!

I have homework for you all for tomorrow night. The Octuplet's Mom is on Dateline tomorrow night. Now you saw my interview for her and the preview I saw on the Today Show this morning (for 3 minutes before I got aggravated and went for my walk) was some pretty softball questions. I'm really hoping that Ann Curry is a reader of the Bowl and hit her with all of mine. You can bet that we will be disussing this on Wednesday (the not so wordless part) so I expect you to all come to the table with your notes and reviews.

Gentlemen readers (all two of you!) I will be expecting you to shed some light on this mystery man too. You are NOT exempt! From what I understand he is not the man she was married to for 7 years but rather a friend who helped her out. He has not seen ANY of the children he has "fathered." Jay and Buck! I need you to help me understand this.

So until Wednesday! Although my thoughts will probably go into draft late tomorrow night!


Joy said...

Welcome to the SITS community!

TuTu's Bliss said...

You were cracking me up in the comment section of another blog so here I am! I have a blog carnival going on for Two Cents Tuesday and would be thrilled if you sign Mr. Linky and share your two cents. I hope you join in. Hugs, Jen

The Rambler said...

I am just shaking my head everytime I hear about this woman.

Part of the welcomistas from SITS. Glad you joined. And love the design of your blog!