Friday, February 27, 2009

Oh How I've Missed the News!

If you hang out at The Zoo you know that I've been up to my ears in a decorating project that has left me half bald. But I finally took a minute to catch up on my news and oh, what a glorious minute it was! Odd news once again.

He is accused of "abusing" a corpse. That in itself is just a weird phrase that I never want to see in print ever again!

Because throwing coffee at the driver will definitely stop the driver from striking. How do you spell "nutcase" again?

Who knew there was a gourmet black market for condiments! I've got some dijon ketchup in the pantry. Any bids?

You guys saw my lenten math. You know I so would have been bummed about opening that thing and not seeing the cheesy goodness!

Hey Uncle N! Want to score some points with your nieces and nephew? Knock over a QT on your next trip!

And finally. The ultimate. The one that has tears rolling even as I type.

I have NO commentary. Just make sure you read all the way through the last line. I can relate Mrs. B. I can relate.


TuTu's Bliss said...

You're a guest of honor at the "Award Buffet" please blog on over and dig in!!

Fer said...

How dare they take her saucepan! =)

Ragmansdaughter said...

It's okay. Emeril is going to replace her sauce pan. He heard that it had been taken for evidence and that it was one from his line of pans, and offered to replace it for her.