Friday, February 6, 2009

Denny's is Going to be Sooo Disappointed.

I'm beginning to think that I should be on some kind of Tax Payer Watchdog panel of some sort. Calling all New Yorkers! Here's your Tax Waste for today. Brace yourself because this one will either make you very hungry or just tick you off to no end.

Aromatic Mystery in New York City Is Solved
(And understand that this did not come from Yahoo; this is from the very esteemed New York Times)

For years New Yorkers have been smelling a mysterious syrupy smell akin to maple syrup and they have been reporting it to the city's 311 center. The city's EPA has been investicating it for 4 years and have finally found the source. It is coming from a fenugreek processing plant across the river in New Jersey.

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The plant's neighbors don't have a beef with it. But city dwellers who apparently would prefer to suck on taxi tailpipes are complaining. Someone please explain this to me! Who complains about the smell of maple syrup? Who doesn't get a whiff and travel back in time to a Satruday morning around the breakfast table? How can anyone hate maple syrup enough to whine to the city dispatchers about it? I'm appalled! Downright un-American if you ask me!

And once again, the city funds are going to fund this investigation! They can't get the World Trade Center hammered out. The crime count has not gone down recently and I'm sure there are still homeless and hungry panhandling on the street corners and children crying in dark apartments. But let's track down the syrup smell and put that on the mayor's desk.

Look out Vermont! They're coming for your maple candy next!


Fer said...

They should just be glad that they didn't live where we lived in Agawam MA. We were so close to Bondee's Island (the dump AND sewage treatment plant all rolled into one) that we would wake up to the entire house smelling like a septic tank. Ugh! I would have killed for some maple syrup smells.

Sissy said...

another example of why I could never live in the northeast. what kind of communist hates the smell of maple syrup?

Bloggymommy said...

I'll take syrup smell over car fumes any day! What's wrong with people these days? They need to find hobbies!