Thursday, February 12, 2009

Humor Hunting!

Yesterday my sister and I were talking about books we read when we were growing up. Understand that we grew up without television - yes! And we survived! - so reading books was our main entertainment after card games, board games, riding bike, and visiting friends. We would walk from our high school to our county library after school every Friday to meet our parents before the football game/hockey game/track meet/wrestling match. So we have some really good memories of some really great books.

We were talking about a particular series that is no longer in print by Dr. David Taylor about his life as a zoo veterinarian. That of course took my brain on a trip to another author my whole family loved named Patrick McManus. He is a very humorous writer who writes about outdoor life (hunting, fishing and other boy nonsense) and my sister and I tore his books up.

Why? Because they were FUNNY! Very funny! And not crass humor like you see in sitcoms and YouTube videos. They were sincerely funny situational humor. You would read his work and a video of the events would begin to play out in your imagination that would make tears pour down your face.

I tried to read the comics from the Sunday paper this week and I was terribly disappointed. They just aren't that funny anymore. What happened the the humor we used to find in Calvin and Hobbs? Where, oh where, has The Far Side gone?

I'm wondering. Where do you find your humor? I mean in this day and age with all the news swirling about the economy and diseases and natural disasters, what makes you smile even for the briefest of moments?


Fer said...

I miss Calvin and Hobbes too. I guess I normally rely on my kids, my husband, and my friends for humor. You crack me up regularly =)

littleeverydaythings said...

I find humor in blogs I read. It's fun to hear a different perspective. Where else can you write about something funny your child did and get such a wide audience? Just stopping by to say hello and welcome to SITS!

Brenda Jean said...

Welcome to SITS:) I LOVE Calvin and Hobbs-- and my kids do too, which is really cool for me. I too find humor in blogs, and we have DVDs that I love. We just bought Wonderfalls, which was a cancelled series that I love. Very wierd and quirky.