Monday, February 16, 2009

How Fast do Airplanes Fly?

That was the question sparked by Jon and Kate this fine evening. We are watching them on their ski trip and they have been rerouted 300 miles out of the way. I commented that "that just added at least 2 hours to their travel time."

Mr. Smarty Pants McFly (also known as L.M. Lion) said something to the effect of "that so added 4 hours you mean. Planes only travel at about 150 mph!"

What are you talking about? Mom and Dad are 600 miles away and the flight to their house is only and hour and some change!

You are absolutely wrong about this. There is no way that planes travel 600 miles an hour! Go ahead! Google it and you'll see that I'm right. (Because he's always right.)

I had to take the trash out anyway so I trotted my happy behind down the stairs, ditched the trash, ignored the dry cleaning that I'll end up retrieving in the morning, and popped into the playroom/office. Oh mighty Google who will you favor tonight? The smarty pants know it all or the meek and humble open minded learner?

And it goes to...the Meek and Humble! And in my humility I politely BELLOWED up the stairs, "Commercial airliners have speeds of 500 to 600 miles per hour varying only by the presence of headwinds and weather conditions."



You were right.

My work here is done.


Fer said...

150 miles an hour? Can you imagine how long my 14 hour flight to Japan would have been at that rate? I would have had to be restrained...

Suzanne said...

If 3000 miles from NY to LA takes 6 hours, then it must be 500 miles an hour. (that's what I always based it on!)

BTW, I think it's funny to watch J+K for all the misinformation that they dish out!